Delivery Information

  • Expect your coffee 3-7 days after ordering online! 
  • You will receive your beans 0-1 days after they have been roasted!
  • We typically deliver on Tuesdays! (given the roasting schedules of our partners)

Important Notes

At Cafe Olé, we believe in preserving the quality of our coffees as much as possible. We want to ensure you enjoy the perfect cup, so we take the proper precautions to provide you with the freshest beans. Since we work with multiple roasters, with varying coffee quantities and roasting schedules, you should expect to receive your coffee within 7 days (TOPS) of ordering it online, but within 0-1 days of the coffee being roasted. 

Roasters receive orders on a weekly rolling basis, and roast specific quantities based off their orders, so they typically have a 1-2 day cut off period prior to roasting their beans to also ensure they're only going to roast the right amount of demand for beans. This way they don't waste any leftover beans and the beans don't go bad.

Scenario 1: Roaster X roasts coffee on Mondays, and you place your order on the Tuesday after the roast date (Monday), you will receive your coffee the following Tuesday next week.  (Total of 7 days after you placed your order, and 1 day after roasting)

Scenario 2: Roaster Y roasts coffee on Mondays, and you place your order on the Thursday prior to the roast date (Monday). You will then receive your coffee on the Tuesday after the roast date, which is Monday. (Total of 5 days after you placed your order and 1 day after the roast date)

Shipping Information

We deliver for free within the downtown core! This means that if you're located on the Subway line between Eglington and the Lake, and from Dundas West to Pape, your coffee will be delivered on the house! Yes, that means a representative on the Cafe Olé team will be on their bike, getting you your coffee when you need it! For anyone outside the Toronto core, we have a small delivery fee to help us get your coffee to you in a timely manner!

Shipping Discounts

If you're looking to avoid the small delivery fee when making purchases outside of Downtown Toronto, we are happy to serve our customers and provide free shipping if you purchase three bags and over! (Must be from the same roaster)

Happy Brewing Y'all

-The Cafe Olé Team




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