About Us

Our Philosophy

Like fine wine, every coffee has a rich, unique story. We believe in connecting coffee-lovers to these stories by delivering high quality locally-roasted coffee right to your door-step…

Always looking to sample the best coffee beans around, we wanted a one-stop shop that carefully curated Toronto's top coffee roasters. We found it tough to find the top coffee in our area, compare offerings in an easy way, and order coffee online through a simple checkout.

When we couldn’t find it, we decided to do it ourselves. We are dedicated to seeking out and partnering with the highest-quality local coffee roasters, in order to offer a curated menu of unique flavours, to make Toronto's best coffee more accessible. We've developed a platform for coffee roasters to showcase their brand, their values, and delicious coffee, growing their awareness in the market at the same time.

For our dedicated coffee-lovers, just browse and compare our menu for your local favourites, educate yourself on our offerings, and we’ll deliver your favourite coffee to your doorstep faster than you can say “olé”!

Happy Brewing!

The Cafe Olé Team




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